About GraphGPT

GraphGPT is an innovative project that focuses on extrapolating knowledge graphs from unstructured text using GPT-3. It is a tool that can convert natural language into a knowledge graph, providing a visual representation of entities and their relationships.

Here are four key features of GraphGPT

  1. Conversion of Unstructured Data: GraphGPT can take in a variety of inputs, such as the synopsis of a movie, a passage from a Wikipedia page, or a transcript from a video, and convert this unstructured data into a knowledge graph.
  2. Dynamic Graph Updates: The tool allows for successive queries that can either update the existing state of the graph or create an entirely new structure. This could involve injecting new information through nodes and edges or changing the color of certain nodes.
  3. Prompt Guide: GraphGPT uses a few-shot prompt to guide GPT-3 in accurately understanding the JSON formatting required for proper rendering.
  4. OpenAI API Integration: The tool is integrated with the OpenAI API, although it’s worth noting that due to the nature of these API calls, it can take up to 20 seconds to receive a response.