About Groundlight

Groundlight is a revolutionary platform that leverages the power of computer vision without the need for a dataset. It uses natural language-based complex image understanding for a wide range of applications. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with the ability to describe your query in natural language, and the Groundlight API builds a custom vision model specific to your application.

Here are four key features of Groundlight

  1. Model Creation: Groundlight automatically constructs a custom model for your application, starting from their Visual Language Model (VLM) and your initial query. There’s no need to bring a dataset.
  2. Active Learning: The platform handles edge cases in real-time, allowing your model to work effectively from the first query. Groundlight constantly updates and fine-tunes the model.
  3. Invisible MLOps: Groundlight continuously audits both labels and results to keep your model up-to-date and always able to adapt to changes in the environment.
  4. Control and Understanding: Groundlight provides straightforward web-based tools that allow you to understand usage and performance without requiring advanced technical knowledge.