About Henchman

Henchman is a revolutionary tool designed to streamline the contract drafting and negotiation process for legal professionals. It provides an intelligent layer on top of your Document Management System (DMS), accessible through Microsoft Word or Outlook, and uses AI to enrich your documents with relevant data.

Here are four key features of Henchman

  1. Instant Access to Knowledge Base: Henchman provides instant access to your entire knowledge base, allowing you to quickly find the right precedents in Word or Outlook.
  2. Efficient Document Management: With out-of-the-box integrations, Henchman connects to your document database, extracting and categorizing important information for future reference.
  3. AI-Enhanced Drafting Workflow: Henchman’s AI capabilities help you generate, translate, or update clauses, whether you’re browsing through precedents or reviewing a contract.
  4. Consistency and Efficiency: By centralizing all previously written clauses and definitions, Henchman takes the guesswork out of your drafting cycle, increasing consistency and efficiency in your legal work.