About Hints

Hints.so is a platform designed to leverage the power of AI to enhance sales productivity. It provides a Sales Assistant bot that allows sales professionals to update their CRM using voice or text commands via SMS or WhatsApp, making it an ideal tool for mobile sales professionals.

Features of Hints.so

  1. Real-time data capture: Hints.so allows for seamless CRM and playbook adoption. The AI copilot can update the CRM in real-time through text and voice commands, ensuring that all data is up-to-date and accurate.
  2. Effortless CRM hygiene: The platform ensures high-quality CRM data, allowing you to trust your CRM to provide reliable insights, reports, and forecasts. It also promotes seamless playbook adoption with advanced voice messaging and speech recognition technology.
  3. Manage CRM by voice: Hints.so allows you to manage your CRM by voice, even while on the go. You can send voice messages while on your way to your next meeting, and the AI will take care of everything. This feature eliminates the need for a new app or interface, as you can simply send a message from your phone.