About HyperCLOVA

HyperCLOVA is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) platform developed by South Korea’s Naver Corp. It is a Korean language model system that boasts human brain-like linguistic capacity, making it a significant advancement in the field of AI language models.

Features of HyperCLOVA

  1. Superior Capacity: HyperCLOVA is equipped with over 204 billion parameters, surpassing the 175 billion parameters of the globally recognized AI language model, GPT-3. This large number of parameters allows it to better distinguish the nuances of speech, tones, and even dialects.
  2. Korean-Based Model: Unlike many AI models that are based on English, HyperCLOVA is a Korean-based language model system. It has learned from Korean data 6,500 times more than the U.S. model GPT-3, with Korean language accounting for 97 percent of the learned data.
  3. Versatile Applications: HyperCLOVA can be used to develop various AI systems for processing human conversation, translation, sentence generation, summarization, and machine reading. This opens up new service and business opportunities. Naver plans to further develop HyperCLOVA as a multimodal AI that can understand even videos and images in the future.