About Imagioo

Imagioo is a powerful tool designed for image search and large-scale image exploration. It is currently in its Beta phase. The platform is capable of making blazing fast queries over multiple millions of images with intuitive semantic search.

Features of Imagioo

  1. Geographic Exploration: Imagioo allows users to explore images on a map and gain insights into their image collection on a geographical level. Images with associated geographical information, such as GPS coordinates in EXIF metadata, can be explored geographically.
  2. Embedding Exploration: This feature arranges your images in an embedding space to provide a bird’s-eye perspective of your entire image collection. It also enables users to dive deeper into smaller clusters of images.
  3. Regular Updates and Feature Notifications: Imagioo keeps its users updated with the latest posts and feature notifications. Users can subscribe to these updates using their email address.