About Intercom

Intercom, a leading customer service platform, has announced the integration of GPT technology into its system, introducing a suite of AI-powered features. These features aim to enhance customer service by automating and streamlining various tasks, thereby improving efficiency and user experience.

  1. Summarize: This feature allows customer support representatives to generate a concise summary of entire customer conversations with a single click. It uses large language models to condense text, making it easier for representatives to understand the context of conversations and hand them over to teammates.
  2. Composer AI: This feature focuses on enhancing the text field where customer service representatives write messages to their customers. It includes tools for adjusting the tone of the response to be friendlier or more formal, and a rephrase button to help find the right wording for messages.
  3. Expand: This tool enables representatives to write short notes or bullet points, which the AI then expands into a fully fleshed-out response. This feature is particularly useful for quickly jotting down notes during customer calls and then expanding them into full replies to send as follow-up messages after the call.