About InventorBot

InventorBot is an innovative system that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to generate new ideas in any field. It was inspired by a neural network named DABUS, created by inventor Stephen Thaler, which was trained to invent things. However, InventorBot takes this concept a step further by training on the US Patent Database, enabling it to produce potentially useful inventions.

Features of InventorBot

  1. AI-Powered Creativity: InventorBot uses a neural network to generate new ideas, simulating the process of human invention but at a much larger scale and speed.
  2. Training on US Patent Database: The system is trained on the US Patent Database, which provides it with a vast amount of information on existing inventions, serving as a foundation for generating new ideas.
  3. Open-Source Integration: InventorBot integrates several open-source projects in its operation, demonstrating the power of collaborative, community-driven development in the field of AI.