About Ironclad

Ironclad is a cutting-edge application that leverages the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 to enhance contract management. It introduces an AI Assistâ„¢ feature that streamlines the contract review process, offering a significant time-saving solution for legal teams.

Features of Ironclad include

  1. AI-Powered Redlining: AI Assistâ„¢ allows users to instantly generate redlines for an entire document. These redlines, created using generative AI, appear as tracked changes for easy review.
  2. Efficient Review Process: The system enables users to quickly scan, accept, or reject redlines with a single click, saving countless hours of manual review.
  3. Customizable Playbooks: The application is based on pre-approved clauses and language set by your legal team, which is part of Ironclad AI’s Playbooks functionality. This ensures that the AI-generated redlines adhere to your team’s standards and preferences.