About June AI

June AI is a revolutionary product analytics tool designed specifically for B2B SaaS. It leverages the power of GPT-4 to allow users to answer complex product questions using SQL English. The platform has gained significant recognition and trust in the B2B SaaS industry, including winning the #1 spot in 2022 for Data & Analytics in the Product Hunt Golden Kitty Award and being the fastest-growing app on Twilio Segment in 2022.

Three key features of June AI include

  1. Deeper Analysis: June AI enables users to get answers to specific ad-hoc questions quickly, bypassing the need for a data analyst. This feature allows for a more in-depth understanding of product usage and performance.
  2. Save Time with Shared Insights: Users can save and share queries that they find useful. This collaborative feature allows the entire team to discover helpful insights together, promoting a more efficient and unified approach to product analytics.
  3. Easy Setup: June AI allows users to easily connect a data source and start sending data. The platform integrates seamlessly with the products that teams already use, making it easy to view and understand metrics.