About Juni Learning

Juni Learning is a creative online learning center that provides children with the opportunity to explore and excel in STEM subjects. The platform offers a variety of courses, each designed to stimulate curiosity and foster a deep understanding of the subject matter. With a focus on mentorship, Juni Learning matches each child with an instructor from a top US university, ensuring a tailored learning experience that aligns with the child’s learning style and personality.


  1. Personalized Learning: Juni Learning offers private, 1:1 classes where instructors are hand-matched based on the student’s learning style, personality, and background. This ensures that each course is tailored to the student’s needs and that they are connected with an instructor who can serve as a mentor and role model.
  2. Flexible Scheduling: The platform schedules classes based on your availability, making it easy to fit learning into your child’s routine. After each class, you receive progress reports and instructor feedback, allowing you to track your child’s learning journey.
  3. Comprehensive Course Offerings: From Coding and Algebra to Game Development and Investing, Juni Learning offers a wide range of courses. Each course includes project-based coursework, live support, course roadmaps, and certificates of completion, providing a comprehensive learning experience.