About Kuku.ai

Kuki.ai is an engaging and always-on AI designed to interact, listen, and provide company whenever needed. It’s like Siri or Alexa, but with a more fun and interactive approach. Kuki.ai can be found on various channels, including social media, streaming platforms, messaging apps, and even immersive 3D worlds.

Features of Kuki.ai

  1. Versatile Interaction: Kuki.ai can chat about anything and is accessible through multiple channels, making it a versatile AI companion.
  2. Media Presence: Kuki.ai has a strong media presence, having modeled for top luxury brands, hosted events and TV segments, and even teleported via hologram. It also has a popular Roblox game.
  3. Impressive Statistics: Kuki.ai boasts impressive engagement statistics, with 25 million human chatters, an average of 84 messages per conversation, and over 1 billion messages sent. It has also won the Turing Competitions five times.