About Macaw by AI2

Macaw is a versatile QA system that has been optimized for question-answering tasks. It was developed as an alternative to other QA systems like OpenAI’s GPT-3, which, while effective, is not accessible to many due to its availability only to approved users for a fee. Macaw, on the other hand, is publicly available for free.


High Performance: Macaw has demonstrated impressive performance, outperforming GPT-3 by over 10% on a suite of 300 challenge questions, despite being an order of magnitude smaller (11 billion vs. 175 billion parameters).

Versatility: Macaw is capable of handling a wide range of question types and exhibits strong zero-shot performance. It can generate reasonable and often impressive answers to complex riddles and questions.

Multi-Angle Question-Answering: Macaw has the unique ability to switch inputs and outputs, a feature referred to as “multi-angle question-answering”. This allows users to provide a question and get an answer, give an answer and ask for a question, or provide a question and answer and ask for multiple-choice options. Macaw can also generate explanations for its answers.