About Magic Write by Canva

Magic Write is an AI-powered copywriting assistant integrated into Canva Docs. It’s designed to help users overcome the daunting blank page and quickly move from an idea to a first draft. It’s a tool that can generate initial ideas or drafts for a variety of content types, making it a powerful asset for business owners, teams, and individual content creators.

Key Features

  1. Content Generation: Magic Write can generate a variety of content, from strategy documents and meeting agendas to social media posts and business plans. Users simply input their thoughts or requirements, and Magic Write provides a starting point, ready to be proofed and edited.
  2. Tone Customization: Users can specify the tone of voice for the content Magic Write generates. Whether it’s a playful or formal tone, Magic Write can adapt to the user’s needs, making it a versatile tool for different writing scenarios.
  3. Integration with Canva Docs: Magic Write is seamlessly integrated with Canva Docs, a platform that combines visuals and text for engaging content creation. This integration allows users to enhance their text with Canva’s extensive library of design elements, from images and graphics to charts and more.