About MedARC

MedARC, the Medical AI Research Center, represents a fresh, open, and collaborative approach to the realm of medical AI research. The center’s primary goal is to develop foundational models tailored for medical applications and foster interdisciplinary teams to cater to clinical needs.

Features of MedARC

  1. Open Collaboration: MedARC emphasizes an open approach which includes sharing models and datasets, publishing results, and fostering a public community for contributions.
  2. Inspired by Success in Other Fields: The center draws inspiration from the significant progress AI has made in other domains, such as GPT-3/ChatGPT’s near-human performance in text processing and CLIP’s multi-modal applications.
  3. Tailored for Medical Domain: MedARC believes in the potential of foundation models specifically designed for medical applications and has established a research community with access to computational resources and relevant expertise to delve into this niche.