About Meet Wonka

Meet Wonka is dedicated to revolutionizing the European AI landscape. Their primary focus is on providing a comprehensive AI platform for businesses that emphasizes ethical data management and privacy. By fostering an open-source community and a commitment to collaboration and innovation, Wonka ensures that businesses can harness the power of AI without compromising control over their valuable data.

Features of Meet Wonka


  1. Finetuned Q&A’s: Retrieve the answer to any question based on your own documentation.
  2. Email Completion: Write your messages quicker by combining your existing templates with Generative AI.
  3. Virtual Agents: Provide each user with their own chatbot, fine-tuned to their personal data.
  4. Free Text Search: Find your content quickly without the need for advanced search methods.
  5. Custom Models: They mention that they can’t possibly list all the models, so they encourage reaching out to audit specific use-cases.
  6. Text Classification: Easily categorize user reviews, social mentions, or news articles.


  1. Product Team: Rapid and efficient AI application production and implementation.
  2. Data Team: Strategic data architecture and engineering for businesses.
  3. ML Team: Extensive ML Model Selection, Creation, and Deployment.
  4. Strategy Team: Comprehensive Planning for AI & Data Integration.


  1. Built to Scale: Utilize generative AI without sacrificing data privacy and control. It offers seamless integration with existing workflows.
  2. Scalable by Design: The platform is designed to grow with your company.
  3. Model-Agnostic Data Layer: Their solutions evolve with the technology.