About Metaview

Metaview is an innovative platform that offers automated, AI-generated note-taking for recruiters and interviewers. The primary goal of Metaview is to alleviate the manual work involved in interview note-taking, allowing professionals to focus on high-quality interactions with candidates. The platform is designed to automatically generate concise and accurate summaries after each interview, ensuring that the key points of the conversation are captured without any clutter.

Features of Metaview

  1. Automatic AI-Generated Interview Notes: Metaview uses advanced AI algorithms to automatically write interview notes. This allows interviewers to concentrate on the conversation without the distraction of taking notes. The AI-generated notes are concise, capturing candidates’ responses to each question in bullet-point format.
  2. Human Touch: While the AI takes care of the note-taking, users have the flexibility to edit the notes, adding their personal comments and context. This ensures that the feedback process remains efficient and personalized.
  3. Integration with Tools: Metaview seamlessly integrates with various tools that professionals already use. It can capture interviews through calendars, ATS, GoodTime, Calendly, and other platforms. Moreover, it is compatible with all video conferencing platforms and mobile calls, eliminating the need to modify existing workflows.
  4. Security and Privacy: Metaview prioritizes the security and privacy of its users. It is compliant with regulations like GDPR and CCPA. The platform offers granular access controls, customizable data retention, and SOC II-compliant security measures.
  5. AI Learning and Customization: The AI system in Metaview is designed to learn and adapt based on user feedback. After each interview, the AI refines its note-taking approach to align more closely with the user’s specific needs.
  6. Designed Specifically for Recruiting: Unlike generic tools, Metaview is crafted specifically for recruiting and interviewing. It understands the nuances of interviewing and uses data from various sources, like ATS, to generate the most pertinent notes.
  7. Customized Candidate Summaries: Users can instantly generate concise candidate summaries or TLDRs. These summaries highlight the most relevant takeaways from interviews. Users can choose topics identified by the AI or create their own, ensuring that the summaries are tailored to their requirements.

Additional Features

  1. AI-Powered Scorecard Autofill: On platforms like Ashby, Greenhouse, and Lever, Metaview’s AI can pre-populate interview scorecards with objective information extracted from interviews. This feature aids in grounding decisions in factual evidence and significantly reduces the time required to consolidate feedback.
  2. Smart Autocomplete Scorecard Suggestions: As users type their feedback into scorecards, Metaview offers smart, context-specific autocomplete suggestions. This accelerates the feedback process, allowing users to complete their forms swiftly and efficiently.