About Microsoft Prometheus

A year and a half ago, the Bing team recognized that the search domain was far from being fully explored and believed that it was on the brink of a revolution. By incorporating deep learning models and enhancing the search experience to be more contemporary and intuitive, they aimed to significantly elevate the user experience. This vision has now been realized with the introduction of the new Bing. One of the major technological innovations behind this transformation is “Prometheus.”

Features of Prometheus

  1. Combination of Bing and GPT: Prometheus is a unique AI model that merges the comprehensive Bing index, ranking, and answers results with the creative reasoning capabilities of OpenAI‚Äôs advanced GPT models. This synergy allows for the generation of a set of internal queries through a component named Bing Orchestrator. The goal is to provide a precise and rich answer for user queries within a specific conversation context in mere milliseconds. This answer generated by Prometheus is termed the “Chat answer.”
  2. Grounding Technique: One of the essential components of Prometheus is its ability to select relevant internal queries and utilize the respective Bing search results. This method, known as “grounding,” offers the model recent and pertinent information, enabling it to answer up-to-date questions and minimize inaccuracies. In simpler terms, the model reasons over the data provided by Bing, grounding it with Bing data via the Bing Orchestrator.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: Prometheus appends relevant Bing search answers, such as weather updates, stock information, sports scores, news, etc., to the Chat answer. This integration offers a richer and more immersive user experience. With the Bing grounding technique, Prometheus can also incorporate citations into the Chat answer, allowing users to effortlessly access and verify the source of the information.
  4. Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Recognizing that grounding is a novel technology, the Bing team is committed to applying it responsibly. They aim to further reduce inaccuracies and prevent the dissemination of offensive and harmful content. Feedback from users is invaluable in this endeavor, and the team has already implemented changes based on user insights to enhance the accuracy and user experience of Prometheus.

Additional Features

  • Transition between Search and Chat: The Bing team grappled with how to seamlessly integrate Prometheus’s capabilities into Bing. They realized that some queries are better suited for the traditional search mode, while others benefit from a conversational or chat mode. The ideal Bing product needed to effortlessly switch between these modes based on user intent and preference. As a result, a unified user interface was developed, allowing users to easily transition between Search and Chat modes.