About Midjourney

Midjourney is an independent research lab that delves into exploring new mediums of thought with the aim of expanding the imaginative capacities of the human species. The organization comprises a dedicated team that is passionate about design, human infrastructure, and AI. With a core team of 11 full-time staff members, they are also backed by an impressive set of advisors.

Features of Midjourney

  1. Research and Exploration: At its core, Midjourney is dedicated to researching and exploring new mediums of thought. Their primary goal is to expand the imaginative powers of humans, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.
  2. Diverse Team: Midjourney boasts a diverse team that includes executives with rich backgrounds, such as David Holz, who was previously the founder of Leap Motion and a researcher at NASA and Max Planck. Their advisory board is equally impressive, featuring names like Jim Keller, who led Silicon at Apple, AMD, Tesla, Intel, and co-authored X86-64, and Nat Friedman, the CEO of Github.
  3. Community Management: Midjourney has a strong community management team, with Discord moderators and guides that help manage and foster the community.
  4. Career Opportunities: Despite being a small and self-funded team, Midjourney is actively hiring. They are on the lookout for individuals who can help them scale, explore, and build human-centric infrastructure that amplifies the human mind and spirit.
  5. Support and Contact: Midjourney offers product support through their Discord platform, where users can ask questions in their #support chatrooms. They also provide specific email addresses for billing support and journalist inquiries.

Additional Features

  • Humanist Infrastructure: One of the standout features of Midjourney is their focus on building humanist infrastructure. This infrastructure is designed to amplify both the human mind and spirit, ensuring that technology and design work in tandem with human capabilities and aspirations.
  • Fully-Distributed Team: Midjourney operates with a fully-distributed team, showcasing their adaptability and modern approach to work.
  • Open to Opportunities: Even if potential candidates don’t see a position that fits their profile, Midjourney encourages them to reach out. This open-door approach ensures that they are always in touch with talented individuals who can contribute to their mission.