About Milo

Milo is an AI co-pilot designed to assist parents in managing the mental load of everyday parenting. It’s a unique tool that uses the power of GPT-4, the latest in large-language models, to provide accurate and complex problem-solving solutions.

Here are four key features of Milo:

  1. Text-it-and-(never) forget-it: Milo allows parents to send screenshots, text streams of dates, and even late-night rambling voice memos. It sorts out all the information and sends it where it needs to go, with human assistance when necessary.
  2. Timely Reminders: Milo sends back the information when and how you need it. It provides SMS reminders, work calendar invites, and daily rundowns to the whole crew.
  3. Learning and Improving: Milo learns and gets better over time. It anticipates what you need and how you need it, based on your feedback.
  4. Organizing Family Chaos: Whether it’s SMS threads, emails, screenshots, or whiteboard pictures, Milo digests it all and turns it into structured sanity. It ensures everything is organized and accessible to partners, grandparents, caregivers, and anyone else who needs to be in the know.