About Mostly AI

MOSTLY AI is a leading platform specializing in the creation and deployment of synthetic data. Synthetic data, as described by MOSTLY AI, is an artificial version of real data that retains the structure and statistical properties of the original data. This makes it more sophisticated than mock data and offers a smarter alternative to traditional data anonymization techniques. The platform emphasizes that synthetic data is more accessible, flexible, and smarter than real data, providing organizations with a privacy-safe way to utilize data without compromising on its utility.

Features of MOSTLY AI

  1. Synthetic Data Creation: MOSTLY AI allows users to generate synthetic data that looks and feels like real data. This data can be made bigger, smaller, rebalanced, or augmented to fill in missing data points.
  2. Privacy by Design: Synthetic data points have no direct relationship to the original data, ensuring that they are private by design. This makes synthetic data a more intelligent alternative to traditional data anonymization methods.
  3. Accessibility: Synthetic versions of real data can be shared without any privacy concerns. This data does not contain any personal information, making it safe for sharing and collaboration.
  4. Flexibility: Users can manipulate synthetic data in various ways, such as downsizing large datasets, upsizing small datasets for stress testing, performing data simulations, and filling in missing data with realistic synthetic data points.
  5. High Utility: MOSTLY AI emphasizes that real data often comes with limitations, especially when using legacy data anonymization techniques. Synthetic data, on the other hand, retains the utility and intelligence of the original data.
  6. No Code Experience Required: The platform is designed to be user-friendly. Users don’t need to be developers or data scientists to use MOSTLY AI. The process involves simply dragging and dropping a file to create a synthetic dataset.

Additional Features

  • Pioneering in the Field: MOSTLY AI was the first to develop and deploy synthetic data in enterprise settings. Since 2017, they have been trusted in privacy-sensitive industries like banking, healthcare, and insurance.
  • Highest Accuracy: The platform boasts of producing the most accurate synthetic data in the market, ensuring that the generated data closely resembles the original data in structure and statistical properties.
  • Integration with Popular Tools: MOSTLY AI can be integrated with various tools, allowing users to utilize synthetic data for a range of applications, from business intelligence to machine learning.
  • Diverse Use Cases: The platform highlights several use cases for synthetic data, including data democratization, cross-border data sharing, data anonymization, product development, AI/ML development, and more.