About Mumu X

Mumu X is a revolutionary tool designed to enhance the emoji picking experience. With the integration of GPT-3 AI, Mumu X offers a unique approach to finding emojis and symbols. Instead of remembering exact names, users can simply type any related term or phrase that comes to mind, and Mumu X will provide the most relevant emojis or symbols.

Features of Mumu X

  1. GPT-3 AI Powered Synonyms: Finding the right emoji or symbol is now as simple as typing what’s on your mind. With over 17,000 synonyms generated by GPT-3 AI, Mumu X ensures you get the most relevant results.
  2. Personal Synonyms: Users have the freedom to add as many of their own synonyms for emojis or symbols as they wish, providing a personalized experience.
  3. Pin to Top: For those emojis and symbols you use frequently, Mumu X allows you to pin them at the top for easy access.
  4. Latest Emoji Support: Mumu X is always updated with the latest emojis, currently supporting Emoji 14.0.
  5. Tab Groups: Navigate through emojis and symbols quickly with organized tabs.
  6. Skin Tone Changer: Directly switch the skin tone when picking an emoji.
  7. 30k+ Special Symbols: Almost every possible unicode symbol is available in Mumu X, each with its own set of synonyms.
  8. Customizable Shortcut: Users can change the keyboard shortcut to whatever they find most convenient.
  9. Dvorak Ready: Mumu X is compatible with the Dvorak keyboard layout.

Additional Features

  • Apple M1 & macOS Ventura Compatibility: Mumu X is optimized for the latest Apple hardware and software.
  • Testimonials: Numerous professionals, from founders to developers, have praised Mumu X for its efficiency and utility. Their feedback highlights the tool’s speed, responsiveness, and the significant improvement it offers over native emoji pickers.
  • Continuous Improvement: Mumu X values user feedback. Users can always send feedback about missing keywords, and there’s a high chance those suggestions will be implemented.