About Natbot

Natbot is a project hosted on GitHub that allows users to drive a browser using GPT-3. The main idea behind this project is to integrate the capabilities of GPT-3 into a browser environment, enabling a wide range of functionalities and improvements. The repository provides a demo link showcasing its capabilities.

Features of Natbot:

  1. Drive a Browser with GPT-3: The primary feature of Natbot is to control and operate a browser using the GPT-3 model. This opens up numerous possibilities for automation, user interaction, and more.
  2. Better Prompt: The project aims to enhance the prompt system for better user interactions.
  3. Prompt Chaining: This feature allows for chaining of prompts, enabling more complex and layered interactions.
  4. Feedback Recorder: Natbot has provisions to make a recorder that collects human feedback. This can be used to improve the system with better few-shot learning.
  5. Better DOM Serialization: The project focuses on improving the Document Object Model (DOM) serialization for better web interactions.
  6. Multiple Tabs: Natbot aims to let the agent use multiple browser tabs and seamlessly switch between them.

Additional Features:

  • Improvements Welcome: The project is open to contributions and welcomes improvements from the developer community.
  • MIT License: The project is licensed under the MIT license, ensuring open-source contributions and modifications.
  • Python-Based: The entire project is written in Python, making it accessible for developers familiar with the language.