About OpenAssistant

Open Assistant is a conversational AI platform that aims to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. It is an open-source project organized by LAION and a global community of individuals passionate about democratizing conversational AI. The project is in its early stages, but it’s built on established research in applying RLHF to large language models. The ultimate goal of Open Assistant is to provide everyone with access to a high-quality chat-based large language model that can not only assist in tasks like writing emails but also interact with third-party systems, retrieve dynamic information, and much more.

Features of Open Assistant

  1. Conversational AI for Everyone: Open Assistant is designed to be a universally accessible chat-based large language model. It aims to innovate in the realm of language, much like how stable-diffusion revolutionized art and imagery.
  2. Open Source Collaboration: The project is rooted in the belief that collaborative efforts can lead to the sharing of knowledge and technology for the greater good of humanity. It invites individuals worldwide to contribute and be a part of this revolutionary journey.
  3. Data Collection and Improvement: Open Assistant emphasizes the importance of collecting high-quality data. By submitting, ranking, and labeling model prompts and responses, users can directly contribute to enhancing the capabilities of Open Assistant.
  4. Development and Local Setup: For those interested in contributing to the development process, Open Assistant provides comprehensive guidelines on setting up the entire stack, including the website, backend, and associated services using Docker.
  5. Vision for the Future: Open Assistant is not just about replicating existing models like ChatGPT. It envisions building the assistant of the future, capable of performing meaningful tasks, using APIs, conducting dynamic research, and much more. Moreover, it aims to make this assistant efficient enough to run on consumer hardware.

Additional Features

  • Licensing and Accessibility: The code and models of Open Assistant are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. The training data will also be released under the CC BY 4.0 license. Furthermore, Open Assistant will be free to use and modify, ensuring maximum accessibility.
  • Hardware Compatibility: Open Assistant is being developed with a vision to be runnable on consumer hardware, ensuring that users don’t need specialized equipment to benefit from its capabilities.
  • Community Engagement: Open Assistant encourages community participation through various platforms like Discord and GitHub. It also offers a leaderboard to motivate contributors and recognize their efforts.