About Oscar

Oscer is an innovative platform designed to enhance clinical training for medical students and professionals. It offers a unique approach to mastering diagnosis through interactions with virtual patients. This platform provides an opportunity for users to practice OSCEs at their convenience, ensuring flexibility and freedom in their learning process.

Features of Oscer

  1. Unlimited Patient Access: Oscer allows users to chat with a variety of virtual patients presenting with different symptoms. Users can repeatedly interact with the same case, ensuring thorough practice. The virtual patients are always available for interaction, making it a reliable tool for consistent practice.
  2. Immediate Feedback: Every case on Oscer is timed and scored, providing users with real-time and objective diagnostic feedback. This ensures that users understand their areas of improvement. Additionally, if users find themselves stuck during a case, Oscer offers hints that can be revealed to guide them through the process.
  3. Diverse Patient Scenarios: Whether a user wants to focus on cardiology, endocrinology, or any other medical field, Oscer has it covered. Users can swipe through different patient scenarios until they find the one they want to work on.
  4. Practice with Friends: Oscer encourages group study by allowing users to practice with friends using their OSCE template. With provided scripts and marking rubrics, users can decide roles and start diagnosing, making the learning process interactive and collaborative.

Additional Feature

  • Global Reach: Oscer is trusted and utilized by medical students from over 150 universities across more than 35 countries. This wide acceptance showcases its effectiveness and the value it brings to the medical community. The testimonials from various students highlight how Oscer has revolutionized the way they prepare for OSCEs, especially during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.