About Picovoice

Picovoice is an end-to-end platform designed to embed private voice AI into any software with just a few lines of code. It is trusted by thousands of enterprises, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and is favored by over 50,000 developers. The platform allows users to design, develop, and ship voice features seamlessly.

Features of Picovoice

  1. Speech-to-Text: An engine that converts audio and video recordings into text, ensuring high accuracy without compromising privacy.
  2. Streaming Speech-to-Text: A real-time transcription engine that transcribes conversations into text instantly.
  3. Noise Suppression and Cancellation: Software that eliminates background noise from audio in real-time while retaining the clarity of human speech.
  4. Speaker Recognition and Identification: Software that identifies individuals based on their unique voice characteristics.
  5. Speech-to-Index: A search engine that indexes speech directly without transcribing it to text, enabling keyword and phrase searches within audio and video files.
  6. Wake Word Detection: An engine that detects specific signals to transition software from a passive to an active listening state.
  7. Speech-to-Intent: A Natural Language Understanding engine combined with speech-to-text, allowing users to communicate with applications using voice commands.
  8. Voice Activity Detection: Software that scans audio streams to detect the presence of human speech in real-time.

Additional Features

  • Secure and Flexible Deployment: Offers deployment options across embedded, mobile, web browsers, on-premise, and cloud platforms. Expert guidance is available to select the best deployment and platform based on individual needs.
  • Customizable Voice AI Models: Provides high-performing voice AI models that are validated by open-source benchmarks. These models can be tailored for specific applications, domains, and industries.
  • Dedicated Support: Comprehensive documentation that addresses most queries, along with an active GitHub community for technical issues. Additional dedicated support is available through the Support Add-on and Enterprise Plans.