About Portkey

Portkey is a platform designed to empower companies in the development, launch, maintenance, and iteration of their generative AI applications and features swiftly. It serves as an LMOps platform, ensuring accelerated development and application performance. The platform is dedicated to ensuring that generative AI apps are production-ready, integrating seamlessly with existing apps and providing a range of features to enhance the AI development experience.

Features of Portkey

  1. Integrates with Your App in a Minute: Easily replace your OpenAI or other provider APIs with the Portkey endpoint.
  2. 30% Faster Go-to-Market: With a comprehensive ops platform, Portkey allows developers to concentrate on building their applications, ensuring faster market reach.
  3. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Portkey maintains strict uptime SLAs, ensuring your application remains operational. If there’s downtime, they compensate.
  4. 10 ms Latency Proxies: Portkey utilizes Cloudflare workers to create efficient reverse proxies to AI providers, ensuring no slowdowns.
  5. 100% Commitment to your App: With over 3 years of experience in building and scaling LLM systems, Portkey is dedicated to partnering with developers to ensure their app’s success.
  6. One Home for All Your Models: Manage prompts, engines, parameters, and versions within Portkey. This feature allows developers to switch, test, and upgrade models confidently.
  7. Live Logs & Analytics: Monitor app performance and user-level aggregate metrics to optimize usage and manage API costs.
  8. Protect Your App & User Data: Portkey prioritizes data security, offering protection against attacks and inadvertent data exposure. It also provides proactive alerts for potential issues.
  9. Experiment & Find Winning Models: Portkey allows developers to A/B test their models in real-world scenarios and deploy the best-performing ones.

Additional Features

  • Taking LLM apps to Production: Portkey acknowledges the challenges of taking LLM apps to production. They have firsthand experience in building apps on top of LLM APIs and understand the complexities involved. Portkey is designed to assist developers in deploying large language models APIs seamlessly in their applications.
  • FAQs and Support: Portkey provides a comprehensive FAQ section addressing common queries about FMOps, LLMOps, data privacy, and more. They also offer dedicated support for any additional questions or concerns.
  • Data Privacy and Security: Portkey is in the process of obtaining ISO:27001, SOC2, and GDPR certifications, emphasizing their commitment to data privacy and security. They employ state-of-the-art privacy architectures to ensure data protection.