About Primer.ai

Primer.ai is a leading AI company that focuses on building mission-ready AI solutions to make the world a safer place. The company’s primary goal is to assist analysts, operators, and decision-makers in making sense of vast volumes of open source and proprietary data in real time. This not only enhances productivity but also significantly reduces the time to decision.

Features of Primer.ai

  1. Primer Command – Threat Detection: This feature aims to improve response times by detecting kinetic and cyber threats from social and news media sources early on. It provides a platform for users to stay ahead of potential threats by monitoring various channels in real-time. Learn More
  2. Primer Delta – Strategic Analysis: Primer Delta addresses the challenge of information overload by structuring messy data for exploration. This reduces the time required to gain insights from vast amounts of data. The platform is designed to enhance and accelerate daily workflows, from mission planning and asset tracking to speeding up intelligence cycles. Learn More
  3. Large Language Models – Semantic Search: These models offer a secure and fluent way to search, summarize, and explore data at scale with high precision. The large language models can respond in natural language and continually improve with feedback loops. This allows analysts and operators to interact with their knowledge and data using natural language, ensuring more accurate and efficient results. Learn More

Additional Features

  • Intuitive AI-Native Platform: Primer’s AI-Native platform is designed to enhance and accelerate daily workflows in various environments. This includes tasks like mission planning, asset tracking, and accelerating intelligence cycles.
  • Natural Language Interaction: The next-generation information dominance feature allows large language models to respond in natural language. This continuous improvement through feedback loops enables analysts and operators to interact securely and fluently with their knowledge and data.
  • Testimonials: Primer.ai’s solutions have been recognized and appreciated by various organizations, including the U.S. SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND (USSOCOM), highlighting the platform’s effectiveness in addressing information overload challenges.