About PromptLayer

PromptLayer is a pioneering platform designed specifically for prompt engineers. It serves as a bridge between your code and the OpenAI’s python library, acting as a middleware. The platform’s primary function is to record all OpenAI API requests, enabling users to seamlessly search and explore their request history via the PromptLayer dashboard. Trusted by a vast community of engineers, it offers a streamlined way to manage and monitor GPT prompts and API usage.

Features of PromptLayer

  1. Track, Manage, and Share GPT Prompts: PromptLayer is the first of its kind, allowing users to efficiently track, manage, and share their GPT prompt engineering endeavors.
  2. Middleware for OpenAI’s Python Library: It acts as a middleware between your codebase and OpenAI’s python library, ensuring smooth integration and functionality.
  3. Record OpenAI API Requests: Every API request made to OpenAI is recorded by PromptLayer, providing users with a comprehensive history that can be easily searched and explored via the platform’s dashboard.
  4. Python Wrapper Library: The GitHub repository contains a Python wrapper library for PromptLayer, facilitating its integration into Python-based projects.
  5. Quickstart Installation: Users can swiftly install PromptLayer using pip, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.
  6. REST API Integration: For those who use languages other than Python, such as Javascript, PromptLayer offers a REST API that can be directly interacted with.
  7. Tagging System: PromptLayer introduces a tagging system, allowing users to add tags to their requests. This feature enhances the tracking and grouping of requests in the dashboard.
  8. Open Source Contributions: The platform welcomes contributions from the community, be it in the form of new features, infrastructure enhancements, or improved documentation.

Additional Features

  • Security Assurance: When using PromptLayer, users can be assured that their OpenAI API Key is never transmitted to external servers. All requests to OpenAI are made locally from the user’s machine, with PromptLayer only logging the request for tracking purposes.
  • PromptLayer Tags: With the pl_tags argument, users can add specific tags to their requests, aiding in better organization and tracking on the dashboard.
  • REST API Usage: The Python library serves as a wrapper over PromptLayer’s REST API. This means that if users prefer another programming language, they can directly interact with the API, ensuring versatility and flexibility in its application.