About Promptstacks

Promptstacks is a community-driven platform dedicated to the exploration of AI and Prompt Engineering. With over 19,000 learners, it offers a space for enthusiasts to share insights, receive feedback, and collaborate on AI-related challenges. The platform is trusted by experts, students, developers, engineers, and automators alike.

Features of Promptstacks

  1. Idea Generation: Members can share their prompts with the community, receiving feedback, critiques, and guidance to refine their ideas.
  2. Access to Discord: A space to collaborate and brainstorm solutions to various prompt engineering challenges.
  3. Access to Resources: Stay updated with the latest AI trends by accessing a plethora of resources, including articles and courses.
  4. Prompt Engineering School: A comprehensive guide that transitions learners from beginners to intermediate levels in prompt engineering.
  5. Text-To-Image School: Enhance your text-to-image outputs and learn to use programs such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney.
  6. ChatGPT Accelerator Course: A course designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT’s capabilities and limitations. Curated by Sean Melis, an ex-Deloitte AI consultant, it includes over 500 prompts.

Additional Features

  • Community Engagement: Every weekend, Promptstacks shares an AI deep dive, allowing members to continuously learn and engage.
  • FAQ Section: Addressing common queries, such as the definition of prompt engineering and the nature of the community’s free access.
  • Expert-Curated Courses: While the community access is free, Promptstacks offers courses curated by top experts in the field. These courses come with engaging videos, prompts, and interactive sessions with the course convener.

Join the Promptstacks community today and dive deep into the world of Generative AI and prompt engineering!