About Semantic Kernel

Semantic Kernel (SK) is a revolutionary lightweight Software Development Kit (SDK) introduced by Microsoft. It is designed to blend traditional programming languages such as C# and Python with the latest advancements in Large Language Model (LLM) AI, including prompt templating, chaining, and planning capabilities. This unique combination allows developers to create innovative experiences in their applications, enhancing productivity for users.

Here are four key features of Semantic Kernel:

  1. Fast Integration: SK is designed to be embedded in any application, allowing developers to quickly test and implement LLM AI in their projects.
  2. Extensibility: SK provides the ability to connect with external data sources and services. This feature enables applications to utilize natural language processing in conjunction with live information.
  3. Better Prompting: SK’s templated prompts allow developers to design semantic functions swiftly, unlocking the full potential of LLM AI.
  4. Novel-But-Familiar: SK maintains the availability of native code as a first-class partner on your prompt engineering journey, offering the best of both worlds.