About Stable Diffusion Photoshop Plugin

The Stable Diffusion Photoshop Plugin is an innovative tool that integrates with your Photoshop software, enhancing your image generation and editing capabilities. Developed by Christian Cantrell, it incorporates the power of Stable Diffusion and DALL•E 2, providing a seamless experience right inside Photoshop.

Key Features

  1. Integration with Stable Diffusion and DALL•E 2: The plugin allows you to leverage these advanced technologies for image generation and editing.
  2. Easy Installation: You can install the plugin either from the Adobe Exchange or by downloading the CCX file directly.
  3. Compatibility: The plugin is compatible with the latest version of Photoshop, ensuring you can use it with your updated software.
  4. Accessible from Photoshop Panel: Once installed, the plugin can be easily accessed from the Photoshop panel, providing a user-friendly experience.