About TeamSmart AI

TeamSmart AI is a powerful tool that leverages the capabilities of OpenAI to provide users with a team of AI assistants directly in their browser. This tool is designed to help users save time and increase productivity by automating a variety of tasks.

Here are four key features of TeamSmart AI

  1. One-Click Access: TeamSmart AI provides one-click access to a team of AI assistants that can perform tasks such as summarizing content, generating code, drafting tweets, and more.
  2. Use Your Own OpenAI API Key: With TeamSmart AI, users can use their own OpenAI API key, which can be more cost-effective than a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
  3. AI Team of Specialists: TeamSmart AI offers a team of AI assistants, each with their own special skills. Some team members can perform tasks like summarizing the content of your current page.
  4. Browser Extension: As a browser extension, TeamSmart AI is always just a click away. There’s no need to log in – just click the icon or use a keyboard shortcut to access your AI team.