About 500+ Openers for Tinder written by GPT-3

500+ Original Conversation Starters,” a unique collection of Tinder openers generated by AI. This resource is designed to help you break the ice and start engaging conversations.

Here are four key features

  1. AI-Generated Openers: The openers are generated using AI, which has analyzed thousands of Tinder openers to bring you the best ones.
  2. Wide Range of Topics: The openers cover a variety of topics, including General, Books, Animals, Sports, Cooking & Food, Photography, Art & Design, Economy, Traveling, Fashion, Gaming, History, Chemistry & Physics, Space & Sci-Fi, Activism & Politics, Programming, Law, Education, Music, Entertainment, and even Hazardous topics.
  3. Customizable: While the openers are AI-generated, they are not meant to be used as is. The creators encourage users to read the profile of their match, be genuinely interested, and modify the openers to make them more personal.
  4. Additional App Support: Besides the handbook, users can generate their own openers or bios with the Copyhat app, which also uses AI to help come up with original ideas.