About Adflow

Adflow is a powerful tool that unlocks incremental value through post-transaction advertising. It allows businesses to expand their acquisition strategies and tap into new revenue streams by offering personalized deals at the moment of purchase. Adflow is trusted by leading ecommerce brands and is designed to deliver personalized interactions that today’s shoppers expect.

Three key features of Adflow are

  1. New Revenue Stream: Adflow helps retailers unlock a new revenue stream by customizing their post-transaction experience with tailored premium offers, maximizing profit.
  2. Increased Conversion Rate: Adflow provides advertisers with exclusive ad inventory and audiences primed for purchase, helping to skyrocket conversion rates.
  3. Intelligent Targeting: Adflow uses predictive machine learning to serve relevant offers to each consumer. It leverages privacy-safe customer records to match the best offer with each customer, ensuring a win-win situation as earnings generated from the campaign are split with retailers.