About Aleph Alpha

Aleph Alpha is a pioneering AI technology company based in Europe, focused on transforming human-machine interaction to address future challenges. The company is known for its sovereign, European AI technology that offers a range of features:

  1. Explainable & Trustworthy AI: Aleph Alpha’s AI models are designed to trace correlations in information and verify the factual correctness of their language models. This breakthrough in transparency and explainability extends to multimodality.
  2. Flexible Operating Models: The AI models can be deployed on-premise, on all cloud infrastructures, or via Aleph Alpha’s own datacenter in Germany. This provides customers with maximum flexibility to operate and expand AI models either within or outside of Europe.
  3. GDPR Compliant Usage: Aleph Alpha operates the largest commercially available high-performance AI cluster in Europe, located in Germany. This allows customers with sensitive data to process their information in compliance with European regulations for data protection and security on a sovereign, European computing infrastructure.