About ChatGPT Chess

ChatGPT Chess is an intriguing application that allows the AI model, ChatGPT, to play chess. It’s a unique blend of artificial intelligence and strategic gameplay, offering a novel experience for chess enthusiasts.

Here are four key features

  1. AI-Powered Gameplay: ChatGPT Chess leverages the capabilities of the AI model to play chess, providing a challenging opponent for users.
  2. Interaction with Renowned Players: The application has been tested by renowned chess players like Hikaru Nakamura, who had to guide the AI to make legal moves.
  3. Surprising Moves: ChatGPT Chess is known for its surprising moves and never-before-seen maneuvers, as demonstrated in a game against the program Stockfish.
  4. Continuous Learning: The AI learns from each game, improving its understanding of chess and refining its strategy over time.