About chatgpt-conversation

The GitHub repository “chatgpt-conversation” by platelminto is a project that allows users to have a conversation with ChatGPT using their voice, and have it talk back. It’s an interactive way to engage with the AI model, offering a more dynamic and hands-free experience.

Here are four key features of this project

  1. Voice Interaction: The project allows users to communicate with ChatGPT using their voice, making the interaction more natural and intuitive.
  2. Ambient Noise Normalization: The system waits for 2 seconds before starting the conversation to normalize ambient noise, ensuring clear and accurate voice recognition.
  3. Configurable Session Token: Users can configure the session token value in the ‘config.json’ file, providing flexibility and control over the interaction session.
  4. Continuous Conversation: Users can keep responding to ChatGPT in a single conversation, allowing for a continuous and fluid dialogue.