About ChatGPT for VSCode

The ChatGPT Extension for VSCode is a tool that integrates the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT directly into your Visual Studio Code editor. This extension allows you to generate natural language responses to your questions or prompts, right within the editor.

Here are four key features of this extension

  1. Query ChatGPT from the Editor: You can ask general questions or use code snippets from the editor to query ChatGPT via an input box in the sidebar.
  2. Context Menu Shortcuts: Right-click on a code selection and run one of the context menu shortcuts to interact with ChatGPT.
  3. View Responses in a Panel: ChatGPT’s responses are displayed in a panel next to the editor, allowing you to easily view and interact with the AI’s output.
  4. Follow-up Questions and Code Insertion: You can ask follow-up questions to the AI’s response, with the conversation context maintained. Additionally, you can insert code snippets from the AI’s response into the active editor by clicking on them.