About Chinese LLaMA & Alpaca LLMs

The Chinese LLaMA & Alpaca LLMs are significant advancements in the field of natural language processing. These Large Language Models (LLMs), akin to ChatGPT and GPT-4, are pushing the boundaries of general artificial intelligence (AGI) and gaining industry-wide recognition. However, the high costs associated with training and deploying these large language models have posed challenges to transparent and open academic research.

The project focuses on four main features

  1. Expanded Chinese Vocabulary: The original LLaMA model has been enhanced with an expanded Chinese vocabulary, improving the efficiency of Chinese encoding and decoding.
  2. Open Source Chinese LLaMA Model: The project has open-sourced the Chinese LLaMA large model (7B, 13B), which has been pre-trained using Chinese text data.
  3. Open Source Chinese Alpaca Model: The Chinese Alpaca large model (7B, 13B) has been further fine-tuned by instructions and is also open source.
  4. Local Deployment: The project allows for quick local deployment on a personal PC’s CPU, enabling users to experience the quantized version of the large model.