About Cursor AI

Cursor AI is an innovative, AI-first code editor designed to accelerate software development. It’s an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that’s built with a focus on pair-programming with AI, making it a powerful tool for developers.

Here are four key features of Cursor AI

  1. VSCode Compatible: Cursor is compatible with all VSCode extensions, allowing users to install all their favorite extensions with just one click and without any security trade-offs.
  2. AI-Powered Programming: Cursor’s AI capabilities enable it to understand your entire repository, including linter diagnostics, git diffs, recent edits, and documentation. This feature allows Cursor to answer questions about your entire repo and generate code from scratch based on simple instructions.
  3. Inline GPT-4 Integration: Cursor integrates with GPT-4 to write code instantly, helping developers stay in the flow of their work. It can also edit arbitrarily complex code based on instructions.
  4. Auto-Debugging & Lint Error Fixing: Cursor automatically investigates linter errors and ingests stack traces to figure out the root cause of bugs, making debugging easier and more efficient.