About Deep Learning Labs – GPT-3 Hackathon

The Deep Learning Labs – GPT-3 Hackathon was an event organized by Nextgrid in partnership with OpenAI. The hackathon aimed to provide the Deep Learning Labs (DDL) community with access to GPT-3, the world’s second most powerful artificial intelligence language model. The event welcomed participants from various backgrounds, including those with no coding experience, to explore the potential applications of GPT-3 technology.

Four key features of this event were

  1. Partnership with OpenAI: The hackathon was organized in collaboration with OpenAI, providing participants with access to the GPT-3 model.
  2. Inclusive Participation: The event welcomed participants from different domains, including those with no prior experience in AI or coding, encouraging a diverse range of ideas and applications.
  3. Practical Learning Opportunity: The hackathon provided a hands-on opportunity to understand and explore how AI, specifically GPT-3, can be used in various fields.
  4. Rewarding Innovation: The winning team was awarded 500 $ DO credits, encouraging competitive innovation among participants.