About DiscordGPT

DiscordGPT is a fully customizable, GPT-powered Discord bot developed and hosted on Autocode. It leverages the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT to provide a conversational AI experience within your Discord server.

Here are four key features of DiscordGPT

  1. Customizable and Extendable: DiscordGPT is fully customizable and can be extended in any way you’d like, thanks to Autocode’s Node.js-based serverless hosting and online collaborative code editor.
  2. Easy to Use: Even if you’re not familiar with code, Autocode is easy to get a hang of. Simply link your Discord bot credentials and your OpenAI credentials to get started.
  3. Automated Event Routing: Autocode provides automatic event routing for Discord, making it easier to manage interactions with your bot.
  4. Integrated API Key Management: Autocode handles API key management for both Discord and OpenAI, simplifying the setup and maintenance process.