About docGPT

docGPT is a project that integrates ChatGPT directly into Google Docs. It’s an Editor Add-on that allows users to interact with ChatGPT within their Google Docs interface.

Here are four key features of docGPT

  1. Speed: It is faster than chat.openai.com, providing quick and efficient responses.
  2. Cost: The add-on is free to use, making it accessible to everyone.
  3. Integration: It offers live chat within Google Docs, enabling seamless interaction without switching tabs or applications.
  4. Text Completion: It provides text completion features, assisting users in writing and editing within Google Docs.

Google Docs

  • Get the template : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N7qvw5mZdVe2u2IQ5pnVDmUjHsLEfq9_Z0Tf8PHloZA/edit?usp=sharing
  • Make a copy of the document
alt text
  • Type something in your Google Doc
alt text
  • Select your question, or whatever text you want to send to ChatGPT
alt text
  • Use the extension! (click Start instead of Ask to access the chat pop-up)
  • Accept the Authorization request & sign into google
alt text
  • Click Advanced, go to ChatGPT & allow the scopes required
alt text
  • Get your result!

MS Word

  • Open a new word document
  • Enable the Developer Tab on Word
  • Click Macros 
alt text
  • Create a new macro with the name AddToShortcut
alt text
  • Copy the code in wordGPT/ask.bas of this repo, and paste it into the Word VBA Editor
  • Click Tools > References in the navbar
  • Search for Microsoft Scripting Runtime and enable it
  • Click OK and Save the file containing the code you pasted.
  • Right click selected text in Word and click Ask ChatGPT

Wait for your result! (Currently it is not recommended to ask ChatGPT again before current question is answered, otherwise all the answers can be mixed up. Keyboard input is disabled while waiting for the result, see issue #9.)

Source: https://github.com/cesarhuret/docGPT