About Enzyme

Enzyme is a platform designed to empower web3 creators by providing a vast array of audited smart contracts ready for instant deployment. The platform is built with a focus on simplicity and security, making it an ideal choice for brands, creators, agencies, and developers looking to build and launch modern web3 projects.

Here are four key features of Enzyme

  1. Wide Range of Smart Contracts: Enzyme offers hundreds of smart contracts for a variety of applications, including collectibles, governance, marketplace, utilities, and tokens. These contracts are ready to be deployed instantly, saving users the time and effort of creating their own.
  2. Zero Transaction Fees: Enzyme does not charge transaction fees for any of the publicly available smart contracts. Users only pay the deployment gas fee, making it a cost-effective solution for deploying smart contracts.
  3. Easy Management and Deployment: With Enzyme, managing every aspect of your smart contracts is effortless. The platform also offers a simple deployment process that requires no blockchain experience. Users just need to fill out a form and click to deploy.
  4. Customizable Sales Pages: Enzyme allows users to customize and publish sales pages for any of their smart contracts. This feature is particularly useful for NFT collections, ticket sales, and free claimable tokens.