About FastChat

FastChat is an innovative open platform that revolutionizes the way we train, serve, and evaluate large language model-based chatbots. With FastChat, users have access to a diverse range of models to engage in intelligent conversations. Here are three exceptional features of FastChat:

  1. Model Variety: FastChat offers an array of cutting-edge chatbot models to choose from, enabling users to find the perfect fit for their specific needs. Whether it’s Vicuna, fine-tuned from LLaMA on user-shared conversations and evaluated as the top performer, or Koala, a chatbot leveraging both user-shared conversations and open-source datasets with comparable performance to Vicuna, FastChat ensures that users have access to powerful conversational AI.
  2. Specialized Assistance: Alpaca, a model fine-tuned from LLaMA on 52K instruction-following demonstrations, caters to users seeking chatbots proficient in understanding and executing complex instructions. FastChat acknowledges the need for specialized assistance and delivers a chatbot capable of effectively handling instruction-based conversations.
  3. Foundation of Excellence: FastChat builds upon the strong foundation of LLaMA, an open and efficient language model. By leveraging LLaMA as the base, FastChat ensures the chatbots are equipped with robust language understanding and generation capabilities, providing users with reliable and high-quality conversational experiences.