About Game content creation by New Carrots

New Carrots is pioneering the use of AI in game content creation, specifically using GPT-3 to create a text-based adventure game with graphics provided by VQGAN + CLIP. The game is a unique blend of AI-generated text and visuals, creating an immersive and dynamic gaming experience.

Here are four key features of this innovative approach

  1. AI-Generated Storyline: The game’s storyline is generated by GPT-3, creating a dynamic and unpredictable narrative. For instance, in the prototype, the player is a wizard named Jack in the kingdom of Larion, searching for a mystical spellbook.
  2. AI-Generated Graphics: The graphics in the game are generated by VQGAN + CLIP, adding a visual element to the text-based adventure. The AI takes the setting from the text and generates a corresponding image.
  3. Dynamic Gameplay: The game’s perspective can be reversed to keep generating the main storyline. For example, instead of the player saying, “I explore the ruins looking for a library,” the game prompts, “You explore the ruins looking for a library.”
  4. Experimental Approach: The game is an ongoing experiment, with the creator continuously refining the AI prompts to improve the game’s narrative and visual output. This iterative process is part of the game’s unique charm.