About Glass AI

Glass AI is a cutting-edge platform developed by Glass Health that empowers clinicians with AI-assisted medical diagnosis and clinical decision-making. The platform combines a large language model (LLM) with a clinical knowledge database, created and maintained by clinicians, to generate differential diagnosis and draft clinical plans based on submitted clinical problem representations.

Here are four key features of Glass AI

  1. AI-Assisted Diagnosis: Glass AI leverages a foundational large language model (GPT-4) to generate a differential diagnosis or draft clinical plan based on a submitted clinical problem representation.
  2. Clinical Knowledge Database: The AI model is combined with a clinical knowledge database, including evidence-based guidelines, schemas, and case studies, created by clinicians at Glass Health.
  3. Data Protection: The platform ensures that no protected health information about patients is entered into this platform. All information entered should be fully de-identified.
  4. Ongoing Development: Glass AI is an experimental product in development. It is continuously improving and adapting to provide high-quality AI outputs. However, it’s important to note that all AI outputs must be interpreted carefully and never replace or serve as a substitute for the independent professional judgment of a healthcare provider.