About GPT-VC

Generational is a platform dedicated to exploring the most impactful trends and companies in the field of artificial intelligence. It is designed to guide investors, founders, and operators in making informed decisions about where to invest their resources. The platform is run by an individual with experience in building machine learning models, investing in AI companies, and editing a high school newspaper.

Here are four key features of Generational

  1. Essays: Generational offers bi-weekly essays that delve into various AI topics. These essays are a blend of commercial, societal, and technical perspectives, always maintaining a personal, empirical, and sardonic tone.
  2. Briefings: Every two weeks, Generational provides briefings on AI scaleups and startups that are defining new markets and leading their categories. These are companies that readers might want to join or invest in.
  3. Reports: Generational publishes quarterly in-depth analyses of market trends. These reports aim to cut through the noise of news with thoughtful analysis, even if it’s a bit sardonic.
  4. Exclusive Invites: Subscribers get early-access invites to exclusive events such as happy hours, dinners, and seminars.