About GPTKey

GPTKey, known as “Type AI: Chat & Write With AI” on the Apple App Store, is an innovative application powered by the latest AI chatbot technology. It’s designed to generate unique and creative responses, making it a versatile tool for writing tasks.

Here is a short introduction and four key features of GPTKey

  1. Chatbot Interface: GPTKey provides a chatbot interface where users can start new chats, view their chat history, and copy AI-generated responses to use in other applications.
  2. Custom Keyboard Extension: The app features a custom keyboard extension that can be enabled for use in any app. Users can select a writing prompt and let the AI generate a unique and creative response.
  3. Versatile Writing Tool: GPTKey is designed to assist in writing a variety of content, including essays, tweets, captions, emails, and more, leveraging cutting-edge generative AI.
  4. New Widget Feature: The latest version of GPTKey introduces a new widget that allows users to start new chats from their home screen or lock screen with a single tap.